También me gustaría saber las respuestas

Tony Isola abandona toda esperanza y solo confía en que lleguemos a saber las respuestas a una serie de interesantes preguntas si llegamos a contactar con extraterrestres:

My intergalactic communique would include the following:

  • Where are the customer’s yachts?
  • What is the best level to short Long Island Iced Tea Blockchain Corp.?
  • Will really smart people ever learn to stop trying to “beat the market” and do something more constructive with their lives?
  • Why are most people in finance so grossly overpaid in their relation to their net positive contributions to society?
  • Why is it harder to be certified as a hairdresser than a financial advisor?
  • Will Harry Dent ever be right?
  • Are investors better off using astrology than the forecasts of financial pundits? (The aliens might have some inside dope on this.)
  • Who swindles more people out of their money, annuity peddlers or timeshare salesmen?
  • Where exactly is “the cash on the sidelines” located?
  • Will “great investor” morning routines ever include eating Dunkin’ Donuts and watching Fox and Friends?
  • When will whole-life insurance policy illustrations be re-classified as fiction?
  • Why are there five times as many bald white men at investment conferences than female advisors? (On the bright side, the lines to the ladies room are amazingly short.)
  • Will regulators eventually merge with giant financial firms in order to eliminate the middleman?

¿Donde están los yates de los clientes?

¿A qué nivel debemos ponernos cortos con Long Iced Tea Blockchain Corp?

¿Por qué se paga tantísimo a la mayoría de los empleados en finanzas comparado con su aportación a la sociedad?

¿Obtendrían mejores resultados los inversores si usaran la astrología para predecir la evolución de los mercados, en lugar de hacer caso a los expertos financieros?


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